Med-Surg Nursing Jobs

Med-Surg Nursing Jobs

Over the years, medical-surgical nursing has evolved from an entry-level position to its own comprehensive specialty. Medical-surgical nurses provide direct care to adult patients in a variety of settings. Medical-surgical nursing has the largest group of professionals in the field of nursing. Medical-surgical Nursing requires mastering so many skills, it is now considered a specialty in and of itself.

Medical-surgical nursing is the foundation for health care, and is an ideal area for new nurses to begin their careers. Medical-surgical nurses will possess a wide set of skills, as they will be constantly assessing, documenting, and prioritizing. You will most likely have between 5-7 patients to care for, and often will have several patients admitted and discharged throughout the day. The day shift is often busier than the night shift.

The hourly rate can vary a good $15/hr from region to region or state to state. Overall, the pay for medical-surgical nursing is average. The work is challenging but rewarding. One of the perks of hospital nursing is that the compensation is better than outpatient nursing. But it is important to keep in mind that you will probably be working every other weekend and every other holiday.

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