Home Health Nursing Jobs

Home Health Nursing Jobs

A Home Health Care Nurse works with patients in their homes. These nurses mainly work with the elderly, but sometimes work with younger children who have developmental or mobility issues. Home care services are typically provided by home care organizations, private duty nursing agencies, and sometimes hospitals.  Home health is a challenging and rewarding field because patients that are discharged after only a few days in the hospital can now receive continuity of care at home.

Most home health agencies or hospitals will want to see at least 1-2 years experience on your resume. You will need strong assessment skills and will work independently.  You have to be comfortable driving around the city and going into other people’s homes. You are primarily responsible for the patient’s care, and may not have much support. Many nurses love the flexible schedule that is often accompanied by home health nursing.

Home Health Nurses earn in the mid-range when compared to other registered nurses. As with most nursing jobs, the more experience under your belt, the larger your paycheck will be.

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