Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs

Job Description
Travel nurses work as temporary fill-ins for people out on extended absences, or help out during local emergencies or staff shortages.

The minimum number of work experience required depends on the staffing agency, the area of specialty, and the facility. It is safe to assume they will want at least 1-2 years’ experience because a travel nurse may receive minimal or no orientation to the new facility. They are expected to be flexible, very knowledgeable, and “hit the floor running” in their new unit.

Salaries for travel nurses are usually higher than for other RNs. Benefits often include housing, travel costs, medical/dental coverage, meal subsidies, bonuses and other perks. Travel nurses are often guaranteed a minimum number of hours for every assignment. Assignments usually range from 4 to 13 weeks, although longer contracts are also possible.

If you love adventure and a change of scenery, you may really enjoy travel nursing. With a flexible schedule, you will be able to explore the city during your off time.

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